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Christmas Street Lantern πŸŽ‡πŸŽ„

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"Christmas Street Lantern" in Cardboard

Hello :)  Today I will show you how to make a "Christmas street lamp" in cardboard with recycled materials. I saw many tutorials and it seemed easy to do it but in reality it is not, you just need
patience and harmony to do it, remember that "mistakes is to learn". Do not forget to gift me "like" to can continue creating more ideas and share them with you!

The materials are easy to find at home, the difficult thing is to assemble everything and do it, but do not be discouraged, for you it will be easier than for me when I start doing it :D !!

metal roll tubes (that strong tube)
strong carton of boxes, (not weak cardboard boxes)
black acrylic color
rubber eva white, red, green, yellow
feltro green…

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